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Tighter Abs, Firmer Hips and Leaner Thighs in 30 Days!

Learn about our
Kettlebell Boot Camp!

A Colorado Springs Kettlebell Class so Powerful, Fun and Results-Driven, You'll Get in Shape So Fast Your Friends Will Ask You "What's Your Secret?"

Colorado Springs Kettlebell Fitness Programs and Classes

Are you looking for a kettlebell fitness program in Colorado Springs?

If you are tired of boring, time-wasting workouts that don't deliver the fitness results you deserve you are in the right place!

Experience the ultimate kettlebell workout in Colorado Springs and gain more energy, get lean and sculpt your body faster and in less time than you ever thought possible with our proven kettlebell boot camp program.

Every woman has at least, one - maybe two areas on her body that bother her.

I mean, really irritate her.

You know what they are.

One is that little area from your belly button down that forms a little "pouch" and the other is that saggy area where your butt should be.

The right kettlebell fitness program provides a solution to all those areas.

The right kettlebell exercises force your body to exert a lot of effort, resulting in burning a lot of calories while performing these exercises because of the tremendous amount of cardiovascular work you are doing with a kettlebell.

Working out with kettlebells is the best way for a woman to do BOTH - make your heart stronger and burn off excess calories stored as body fat.

Kettlebells are the best tool for the job because by using the "ballistic" exercises, you can tighten and flatten your abs (using the specialized breathing method we'll show you) and firm your thighs and glutes - actually making it look like the butt you once had or have always wanted.

And they do this by making your muscles - your abs, hips, and legs stronger, toned and by giving you the best cardiovascular workout, forcing your body to burn excess calories.

And, unlike many other forms of boring cardio, kettlebell boot camp is "brutal fun" and a hard cardio workout that will give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment. 

Here's the BEST part...

By combining the best kettlebell exercises along with the most intense fat-blasting cardio drills and core conditioning exercises, you will target your trouble areas because these workouts will keep your metabolism working hard - burning fat long after your workouts is over.

Our Kettlbell Boot Camp is the MOST POWERFUL fat loss program in Colorado Springs, nothing else comes close.

It is truly an AMAZING toning and sculpting workout you won't find anwhere else...period.

Our Kettlebell Booty Camp will help you: 

• Tighten and lift your glutes
• Develop more core strength 
• Tone, firm and flatten your abs
• Get in shape faster than other kettlebell fitness classes 

Kettlebell Boot Camp will help you tone up FAST and reshape your body without building bulky muscles. 

In addition, kettlebell training is FUN our and will melt body fat and get you lean without dieting or doing tons of boring, time wasting cardio and spending hours at the gym.

My Colorado Springs kettlebell classes provide the most powerful combination of high intensity kettlbell moves, combined with fat-blasting cardio intervals and plenty of waist slimming ab and core combinations that will boost your metabolism so you can finally drop body fat...FAST!

Imagine how you will feel when you wake up every morning excited about how you look, full of energy, constantly amazing your friends with your new toned body!

Increasing your Metabolism is Easy.

In fact, most women and men that contact me often complain about how a slow metabolism contributes to their inability to lose weight and drop stubborn body fat.
You know, that annoying fat around the lower abs, hips and thighs.

That is what my award winning kettlebell classes are all about, getting fast results. In as little as a couple of weeks, you can drop body fat and see more muscle tone and definition.

You will flatten your abs, get a stronger core and tone your arms in HALF the TIME and for a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer.

You'll see and feel results FAST...and nothing MOTIVATES you FASTER than results you can see and feel!

Kettlebell exercises such as: the swing, the snatch, and the clean and jerk, teach you how to work you whole body as one unit.

This type of full body strength will strengthen your core and is critical if you want real strength that will transfer from your training to your everyday life and your athletic activities.

Used by the Russian military and Special Forces, the kettlebell has been touted as the most effective, efficient piece of strength training equipment available.

No other single training tool comes close!



Why my Kettlebell Program Works so Well

It's a fact...

The right kettlebell workout delivers amazing, total body fitness. Kettlebell training is FUN and will melt stubborn body fat and get you lean without strict dieting or doing tons of boring, time wasting cardio at the gym.

Make no mistake about it,

There is no better way to burn stubborn body fat and tone every part of your body than with the perfectly woven combination of the right kettlebell moves, core and toning exercises. 

Everywhere you look, you're going to see kettlebells next to the dumbbells, medicine balls and other fitness equipment at your fitness center, sportings goods store and on the cover of your favorite fitness magazine.

And, by mixing the right kettlebell moves, ab and core exercises to target stubborn lower abs and burn belly fat and short-burst cardio drills, this fun energetic workout will sculpt your entire body.

Experience the ultimate kettlebell workout and gain more energy and sculpt your body faster and in less time than you ever thought possible with our proven kettlebell fitness program.


Stop andThink About This For a Minute...

Imagine how strong, toned, lean and healthy you're going to look and feel, now that you will have the professional guidance, instruction and world class motivation you need and no longer have to struggle with...


  • Boring workouts that don't deliver the results you deserve
  • Long, time wasting cardio sessions

    What My Award Winning Kettlebell Program  CanDo For You:

    When you start my kettlebell system, your body turns into a fat-burning machine. After just a few short workouts with me, you'll start to develop lean, sexy muscle tone which requires much more energy and burns more calories...even while resting!

    In addition, more and more studies are showing that short bursts of intense exercises, such as interval training, will have your body burning fat for up to 24 hours after the workout.

    So just because you are finished with your short kettlebell workout does not mean you stop burning fat. That's a huge PLUS for you.

    My Kettlebell classes will help you:

    • Increase your overall strength
    • Tone, firm and tighen all over
    • Reshape your body
    • Develop Amazing Core Strength, firm and tighten your abs
    • Scultp Sexy, Gorgeous Muscle Tone

    Don't wait till it's too late to register for my next Kettlebell session!


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